RentingOut privately is easy with Digital Lease Agreements

Create a new lease with you tenant within minutes!
You get peace of mind that you are signing a legally binding agreement.

digital lease

It’s fast, secure and best of all it’s simply 100% online.

3 simple steps to sign a lease

Record lease details

Step 1, register with us.  Tell us:

  1. the property details – address, weekly rent and when it’s due, the lease commencement and term and the bond to be paid
  2. your tenants details – name, email and phone number, and
  3. your details – name, email and phone number and the bank account you want your rent paid into.

You sign, they sign

Step 2, e-sign and send

E-sign the document and we will send it to your tenant to sign and send back to you. We’ll notify you when your tenant has signed.

You will also be able to request a holding deposit by BPAY – to find out more about this, click here;

File and Save

Step 3, relax – everything is under control!

Once everyone has signed, a copy of the lease is saved to your landlord and the tenant portal.

Benefits of
Lease Agreements


When you create a new lease in Lodge you get peace of mind that you are signing a legally binding agreement.

Fast, secure and 100% online

No need to meet up with your tenant face to face.

Store in one place

In your lease dashboard you’ll see an overview of your tenants details, lease start and end dates, rent amounts and rent reminders + access to any new notifications that are being built to help simplify your rental experience.

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