RentingOut privately is easy with BPAY

No more guessing if your rent is paid

Arrange for tenants to pay rent directly into your bank account by direct debit with BPAY

Scheduling one-off or irregular payments such as water bills is easy

Send friendly and compliant notifications to your tenant if rent is late


Automate your rent collection, management and reporting with BPAY

3 simple steps to rent collection

Arrange rent


Step 1, register with us.  Tell us:

  1. the property details – address, weekly rent and when it’s due
  2. your tenants details – name, email and phone number, and
  3. your details – name, email and phone number and the bank account you want your rent paid into.

Get paid on time,
every time


Step 2, set up the direct debit.

Once you’ve registered, we contact your tenant and guide them through the process of setting up a direct debit with BPAY.  When the rent is paid, you’ll be notified by text.

If your tenant falls behind with the rent we let you know – and send a reminder to your tenant.

See your cashflow on
the dashboard


Step 3, relax – everything is under control!

This is the best part, watching your income grow by tracking each payment.

Your income records are organised and up to date, and always ready for tax season.

Benefits of

Safe and secure

Rent paid securely through BPAY direct debit

No middleman

Your rent is paid straight to your bank account, not an agents trust account


Automated email and SMS notifications when rent is paid

Tenant reminders

Automated friendly and compliant reminders to tenants when rent is late

Our commitment to you

Aussie support

Contact us by phone or by
Live Chat on our website


No merchant fees or commissions
Total peace of mind for less than $5 a week

100% satisfaction

Try us completely free for 30 days
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