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Firstly, congratulations on choosing to rent out your property privately.  It’s not as hard as agents would have you believe but it’s incredibly important to get the whole process right.

RentingOut.com.au is brought to you by RealPrivate.com.au as a resource for everything you need to professionally rent out your property.   This includes rental application forms, lease agreement, condition reporting stationary and property advertising, and more.

Some of the information in this site is specific to the state your rental property is in – you can access all states, but please start out by choosing your state here;

Please note – we don’t currently have information on renting out in NT or ACT but stay tuned – we intend to very shortly!

Quick Facts about Renting Out in Tasmania


4 weeks rent

Advance Rent

1 month

Rental Increase

Increase only if specified in tenancy agreement.
Agreement must state the amount of the increase or the method for calculating.
No sooner than 6 months from start of tenancy or date of last increase.
60 days notice.


If the agreement is for a fixed term, there will be a specific expiry date after which the tenant may leave. The tenant is not required to give notice of termination if a fixed period agreement has expired. If an agreement is of no fixed term, the tenant can leave after giving 14 days notice to the owner without giving any reason.
14 days – 28 days

For more detailed information on Owners obligations and Tenant rights Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading have put together a guide to Renting in Tasmania.


Once upon a time - if your property was vacant, you'd contact your local paper and ask to speak with the classifieds department.  You'd put up a simple ad saying "3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car - quiet street, no pets, available now -  $X per week" and your phone number and wait for anyone interested to call.

These days though - everything is online.

There are free options, but they do attract poorer quality tenants - let's call them "B Grade" tenants.  An "A Grade" tenant, a tenant with a good rental history and strong income will only look on realestate.com.au for a property to rent. B Grade tenants know they cant compete with an A Grader so they look specifically for rentals direct from the owner.

Gumtree is the most popular free site and this in turn makes it the most concerning.  We've all heard the horror stories about Gumtree tenants from hell - here's a few of my favourites;

These are all from Gumtree rental properties!  Please don't advertise on Gumtree - it's a bad idea.

We strongly encourage Rent.com.au as the best option for free advertising as it is now the number one rental only website in Australia and most agents now also use it.

Or - if you'd like to advertise your property privately to rent out on realestate.com.au - we can help.

Realestate.com.au is without question the number one property website in Australia, this is undisputed and particularly for rental properties.  There's just one problem - only licenced property agents can advertise there.  You can't simply go to their website and purchase an ad as a private advertiser.

You can however advertise on domain.com.au privately - but domain is expensive and only really used for sales in NSW and Victoria, and even there it's value is questionable.  realestate.c0m.au is the only website that matters for rental properties.

RentingOut.com.au is brought to you by RealPrivate.com.au and you can advertise your property privately on realestate.com.au with RealPrivate.com.au.  The cost to advertise your rental property on realestate.com.au with RealPrivate.com.au is $149 but list here with RentingOut.com.au for just $99 - until rented.

To list your property on realestate.com.au with RealPrivate.com.au - CLICK HERE

Application Form

Just like Advertising - now everything is done online.  There's nothing wrong with "Old School" paper applications but as a modern owner investor it's wise to understand the expectations of the best quality, premium tenants.

If you'd prefer to stick to what you know with trusty old paper and pens - our printable application is up to date with current compliance requirements and we encourage you to use it in place of the ones you got from your local agent and liquid papered over their logo.

If you'd prefer to use online applications - you need to also purchase paid advertising.  The process used for online applications by traditional real estate agents is www.1form.com.au - but it's owned by realestate.com.au so you need to advertise with them to use it.  To advertise on realestate.com.au click the advertising module on this website.

Assessing an Application



Past rental

National Database Check

National Tenancy Database has been supplying quality risk assessment information to thousands of real estate agents Australia-wide for over 30 years. NTD is the leading authority on tenant information and is fully endorsed by REIACT, REIT, REINT, REISA, REIWA and EAC - NSW. National Tenancy Database was the first and is the largest tenancy information provider in Australia and is accepted by the industry as a prerequisite for checking prospective tenants.

To find out more about the National Tenancy Database - go to www.NTD.net.au


The residential tenancy check validates the identity of tenancy applicants using the market leading Identity Verification solution from Equifax, screens them against the NTD’s bad-tenant blacklist and provides a summary of publicly available information (bankruptcies, visa details, court records and ASIC data) in one easy-to-understand report.


1 in 4 Australians have fallen victim to identity theft. Ensure your tenants are who they say they are.

Approximately 30,000 Australians are declared bankrupt every year. Check a tenant is not a potential financial risk.

More than 4.7 million temporary visas are issued to foreign citizens each year.

More than 127,000 cases are heard before tenancy tribunals each year. Save the time and hassle of going before a tribunal.

How ?

$25 per applicant for a 1form.com.au online application.

$40 per applicant for a paper application - it must be our paper application as this is compliant with required application consent to the report requested.

In either case, a report can only be generated by a real estate agent - so you'll need to purchase advertising to be able to request a report.

To list privately on realestate.com.au - click the advertising module on this website and you'll be able to also request National Tenancy Database checks.

Condition Reporting

What's the point in asking for a bond if it's not clear and indisputable what it's intended to cover?

I cannot stress this enough - this is the most important and often disputed element when renting out a property.  Do this well and you're likely to get your property back in better condition than you left it.  Do it badly and you're likely to be left with the clean up bill.

Take the time to do this meticulously and in conjunction with your inbound tenant - if there are repairs that need to be done, make sure they are noted and give clear commitments for when they will be carried out.  This way - when the condition report is revisited when the tenant is outbound, everyone remains friends!

Lease Agreement

Tasmanian residential rental agreements must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant and returned to the tenant within 14 days of the lease start date. Landlords may request that a tenant provide up to one month’s rent as bond at the beginning of a lease – the monies will be held by the Rental Deposit Authority. According to standard Tasmanian fixed-term rental agreements, tenants cannot be asked to move out prior to the expiry date unless they have broken a condition of the agreement – even if the property has been sold.

We don’t have a Tasmanian Lease Agreement – if you have one you would be happy to share with us and other self managed property investors please send us an email at contactus@rentingout.com.au.

Bond Lodgement

Property owners and agents can charge bonds for residential rental properties. The bond protects them from any financial loss they might incur if a tenant breaches the rental agreement. It is illegal to collect more than one bond for one premise, to charge more than the equivalent of four weeks rent for bond or for the owner to receive a bond.

All bonds must be paid to the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA) within 3 days of collecting the bond.

If you’ve not already done so, you need to organise a specific Landlord Insurance Policy.  Even the best, most professional property managers occasionally let the wrong kind of people into a rental property – and the results can be devastating.

These are inexpensive but highly recommended, we use and recommend mmeinsurance.com as they specifically permit owner managers where most insurers will only cover properties under management.

If you have not already arranged insurance go to mmeinsurance.com.

Landlord Insurance

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Rental and Arrears Management

Advertising for a tenant is only half the job of renting out your property.  Once you’ve found a great tenant you need to manage your income (and in some cases rental arrears) and report your expenses.

Professional property managers use technology to manage rental payments - and so can you.  We've teamed up with a BPAY rental processing team that enables your tenants to pay rent online quickly and easily by direct debit with BPAY.

Your rent is automatically collected when it's due and deposited it directly into your account.  You’ll be able to track everything online with friendly alerts and notifications.

Every heard the saying "happy wife - happy life"?  The same goes for tenants, and nothing is likely to get them more offside than moving into your property to endless cold showers.

My advice is to treat them well - give them a great first impression of you as an owner manager.  In both our free paper applications and the online 1Form applications is details of our preferred connections services company - OnTheMove.com.au. When taking an application from a tenant get them to complete this section and forward it to us at contactus@rentingout.com.au and from the moment you approve them - OnTheMove.com.au will commence the process of getting their services connected in time for moving day.

Electricity, Gas, Phone and Internet Connection

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General Disclaimer

The information presented in this website is general information only and doesn’t replace your need for legal, financial or compliance advice. As the laws regarding residential tenancy may change from time to time we recommend you fact check what we’ve published with the relevant government department in your state and we’ve provided you links to these departments to do so.

If you see something on our website that’s no longer current – please let us know so we can update it. We’ve put this website together as a community resource to make renting out a residential property privately easy and we need your help to keep it relevant.

We will always recommend that you obtain your own independent advice about owners obligations, tenant rights and any legal disputes you may have with a tenant(s) and certainly don’t rely solely on this website as your only resource! Managing an investment property should be easy, and fun – but always back yourself up with appropriate landlord insurances so you're totally protected is something does go wrong.